Voted tri-cities best photographer

About Me


  • Honored to have been chosen as TRI-CITES BEST PHOTOGRAPHER in a people's choice contest.
  • Established and respected national reputation in the photography industry.
  • Sought after for my signature bold and editorial lifestyle imagery.
  • Professional accreditations through the Professional Photographers of America and board member for the Tri-Cities High School Photography Advisory Council.
  • On-going speaking/teaching engagements at national conferences and workshops based on my 10+ years of experience.
  • Published across several industry-leading circulations; including: Click Magazine, Chic Magazine, MOZI Magazine, Behind the Shutter, Design Aglow, and Teen Model Magazine.
  • Featured on photography blogs, including: Seniorologie, Lemonade and Lenses, Beyond the Wanderlust, Beauty Revived, The Art of Whimsy, Photo Business Tools, and more.
  • I am the loudest person I know
  • My favorite things in life are: my husband, Blake; my son, Braxton; and my daughter, Brynna
  • I’m a total night-owl
  • I could live on sushi and iced Americanos
  • If I wasn't a photographer, I would love to teach math
  • I’m a makeup junkie and love buying lipgloss
  • I have countless photos of my babies sleeping
  • If it's on BRAVO ... I love it.
  • I'm irritated by rude people and bad cell phone connections
  • Photography is my passion and I’m thrilled to share it with YOU!



LIFESTYLE: children, couples, families, and more


How can I book a session with you?

My advice is to book early! During the busy season (summer – late fall) my schedule can fill up as far as 2-3 months in advance. Click my CONTACT ME page to send in your request for information. I will work with you to understand what you would like photographed and then we can select a date. At our session consultation, we will discuss all the important factor, like: session time, locations, clothing, hair/makeup, and more!

When do you schedule your shoots?

Sessions are scheduled for Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays during a very precise time of day—generally the last few hours before the sun has completely set. (example: In June, depending on that day’s light, we may start a session at 7:00 pm; in December, depending on the day’s light, we would be starting a session at 2:00 pm). Newborn and in-home sessions are best in the mid-morning.

What is the investment?

I offer FULL and MINI/ALL-INCLUSIVE sessions. MINI/ALL-INCLUSIVE sessions begin at $375 and FULL session fees begin at $200. There is a $550 minimum order required on all FULL sessions. I offer a full range of high-quality products including: high-resolution digital images provided in JPEG form, boutique art prints, gallery-wrapped canvases, luxury linen albums, press printed cards, custom image boxes, and more.

Do you offer digital images?

Yes; my MINI/ALL-INCLUSIVE sessions include time + digital images. Bundled portrait collections also include digital images, including the print rights to those images. Digital images (aka JPEG files) are not included in the full session fee. All digital images, prints, products, and more are sold separately.

What is in your bag?

My neon orange 3Annies camera bag holds a Nikon D750 and Nikon D810, SB800 flash; as well as Nikkor’s 85mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4, and 35mm f/1.4, 24mm f/1.4, 70-200mm f/2.8, and a 15mm f/2.8 . I am an on-location, natural light photographer, and always have a step-stool and reflector on hand.

What types of sessions do you photograph?

My favorite sessions to shoot are High-School seniors, families, couples, and children. I do not photograph events: family reunions, birthdays, parties, work events, etc. If after we chat, I find that you are interested in something outside my area of expertise, I would be happy to refer you to other great photographers in the area who may specialize in what you are after.

How do we pick a location and what if I don’t know what to wear?

Not to worry! I work with each of my clients to create a customized experience. Once you have booked a session, you will receive a detailed questionnaire so I can get to know you and your photo shoot needs. After reviewing the questionnaire, we will schedule a consultation to talk over all the important details. You will receive an online information packet with details and links to everything you want to know about a session, including: investment and collections; examples of locations (nature, urban, rustic, etc); and a what-to-wear guide. Additionally, you will receive detailed information about how to print your images, examples of how to arrange the photos around your home, and recommended sizes for print collections.

How can I have my products, clothing, or accessories photographed by you commercially?

Please e-mail me your interest with your name, business name, and website link. If we are a match for one another, I would be happy to partner together and I will respond with all of the pertinent information for you!

How can I contact you?

I am excited to chat with you! E-mail is the best way: Please also take a look at my website to make sure my photography style is what you’re after.

I am not near the Tri-Cities, do you travel?

I do travel for sessions! Travel fees are paid for by the client for additional rates. Please e-mail me for more information.


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Lori VanMeighem senior and family client

Fun, creative, outgoing, hard working, your daughter's personal champion of beauty - that is Brittney Kluse! Both of my daughters loved their time with Brittney; each having a unique and "made for their personality" photo shoot! Brittney took time it get to know my girls and was able to capture their personalities in beautiful keepsakes that will last a lifetime!

Erin Ross family client

Have you ever wished, for just a moment, that you could freeze time? That is where our family's relationship with Brittney Kluse comes in. From our very first session we were hooked. She captures the beautiful moments in our family life for us to cherish forever. Her photographs alone speak volumes but you also get the professional, energetic, and engaging personality that is Brittney. Our children have loved her from the start. From newborn photos, to bedtime routines, to first days of kindergarten we have let Brittney into our life and never regretted a moment. We love her perfectly imperfect sessions to capture real life, the styling and energy she puts into her mini-sessions, and the full sessions that the entire family looks forward to. Even the photo shoots themselves are great memories and leave our kiddos asking "When do we get Brittney pictures again?!

Casey & Vicki Miller family and perfectly imperfect session client

Brittney was so much fun to work with during our perfectly imperfect photo shoot. Brittney’s energy and enthusiasm made the photo shoot so much fun for our three kids. By the time she was finished, the kids were having such a good time they hardly noticed they were taking pictures! We will always cherish the moments Brittney captured of our family in our new home! Thank you Brittney!

Kayla McCormick senior client

Brittney always talks about how she vicariously lives here life through us as senior models, but the truth is ever since the day I met her, I have vicariously lived my life through her. She is not just a talented photographer, capturing perfectly imperfect moments, but she has been an amazing life mentor to me as well. I have truly learned that over the past 21 years, life will give you way more than you are expected to be able to handle. Brittney has taught me; whether she knows it or not, to live everyday to the fullest no matter what challenges you may face. I hope that someday I am at least half the person she is, as a wife, a friend, and a mom. I couldn't be more thankful to have been blessed with such a fun and supportive person in my life!

Chayla Marquet mentoring client

Brittney's one-on-one mentoring session was life changing for my business. I was floundering trying to keep my passion for my business alive, in addition to balancing my home duties as a wife and mom. Brittney's workflow coaching helped change my business! She taught me her precise camera settings to get my images perfect SOOC. She reduced my editing time to under a minute per image. And gave me an entirely new workflow to minimize time on my computer and maximize time with my family. I'm finally working less and making more and it's all thanks to the three hours I spent with her! It's not just mentoring - it's an INVESTMENT in your business!


I'm excited that you're interested in my mentorship! It's truly the best compliment you could give. The common thread I see in the people I mentor is the desire to RISE UP against challenge in their business - which is exactly why my mentoring sessions are called RISE! I am an open book and am proud to have helped 330+ photographers, over SIX years, across THREE continents, RISE UP to their own unique challenges.

“I am so grateful for all that Brittney shared during our mentoring session, but most importantly how she explained the information. The biggest challenges that I walked away facing are my pricing of course which I immediately revamped and haven't had any problems booking which I am so thankful for...and the other was being an industry leader. Brittney really made me dig deep and figure out what I wanted from my business - that sunk deep into my heart and resonated in my soul. I think about at least one thing from that mentoring session once a day. It really stuck with me. I feel like you really challenged me to be a better ME, not just rattle off what you do and expect me to just copy it. It was extremely refreshing and challenging in all the right ways.” -Shannon Cyrus Wright

“Thank you once again Brittney for sharing your wisdom, talent and humor with me! You were the one who jump started my career with your 2014 online workshop Photo Foundations getting it right in camera. After getting in an editing rut, I felt like I have come full circle right back to the one who taught me from the beginning! I love your style, I feel so engaged with your subjects when looking at your work! Thank you so much for taking your time to teach others in the industry while entertaining them too, LOVE your humor!!!” -Julisa Haines


  • RISE ONLINE: Skype/telephone
  • RISE WITH ME: In-person (you come to me, or I can come to you)
  • RISE ON YOUR TIME: Multi-session in person or online mentorship experience

Please contact me for details and investment


  • Mastering manual camera settings
  • Finding your style and niche
  • Perfecting your editing style
  • Balancing work and personal life
  • Pricing for a profitable business
  • Developing a sought after brand
  • Gaining new clients
  • Getting published in magazines, blogs, and social media
  • Creating a sought-after Senior Rep program
  • Learning Photoshop tips & tricks


Based in Richland, Washington