Meet Taylor. She IS Beauty Revived!

January 5th 2015

This past fall I was honored to have the opportunity to be part of a new movement sweeping across the photography industry. It’s called Beauty Revived. This amazing project’s mission is to uplift, inspire, and empower photographers of faith and integrity to shed light on the good, the strong, and the beautiful. Pretty hard to say no to, right? I was humbled and excited when they asked me to be part of their campaign to partner with 50 of America’s Best Senior Photographers to find America’s 50 Most Beautiful Young Women!

My task: photograph one deserving young woman who encompasses what it means to uplift and inspire others. Easy. Taylor VanMeighem. My client, my friend. Taylor was a senior I photographed who had an immediate impact on me. Challenges early in her life readied her for adulthood destined to inspire. As I grew closer to Taylor, and her family, and learned more about what she faced early on – my respect and love for her grew. I loved seeing this strong, bold, spitfire of a young woman amid a tiny 5-foot frame!

For me, choosing my model was easy. Read Taylor’s story below and you’ll fall in love with her too!

My heartfelt thanks extend to Taylor VanMeighem, her loving and supportive parents, Jeff and Lori; her best friend and sister, Alexa; my wonderful partner-in-crime, Keri Meraz – owner of Dolls Makeup (and responsible for Taylor’s beautiful make-up!); to Michelle Gifford, Senior Style Guide, and the entire Beauty Revived team for asking me to be part of this project! #brittneykluse