Perfectly Imperfect: capturing your life as it really is | BRITTNEY KLUSE, Lifestyle Photographer based in Washington State

February 6th 2014

If you’ve ever gotten you/your kids/your family ready for a professional photo shoot, you know the work and stress that may accompany this.

What are we going to wear? Will my kids be on their best behavior? Will everyone smile? Will my Spanx suck everything in …. (am I right, or am I right? :)) What if you had a photo shoot where none of those things mattered. You got to see yourself/your kids/your family simply as they are: perfectly imperfect. We may have stains on our clothes. Our kids may throw a fit on the floor, and I may not have to hire a stylist to outfit my family in coordinating outfits that I may or may never wear again. Sometimes we spend so much time trying to make us, our children, and our families look perfect for the camera, that we often forget it’s life’s little moments in-between that have some of the longest-lasting moments we want to hang on to. I realized this myself, as a Mom, when I looked at my 4-year old snuggling with his favorite Monkey (aka: Special Monk) and I realized: “He may not want to cuddle with Special Monk very much longer. I hope I remember how he shoves Special Monk’s tail into one of his nostrils before he goes to bed.” … it’s silly, and crazy, but it’s MY memory of him I want to keep forever.

That’s what the new BRITTNEY KLUSE: PERFECTLY IMPERFECT photo shoots are all about. Capturing YOU as YOU are; stains and all.

What is the one image you have in your mind of something your kids or family does that you wish you could FREEZE and remember forever, exactly as it was. Well, that’s what I want to photograph for you! Is it the way your toddler waits in anticipation as the bath water rises for their chance to splash bubbles all about? Is it the way you have family game night and everyone picks their favorite “piece.” Maybe it’s you child eating their lunch with Jam-spread-smiles smeared cheek-to-cheek. Maybe you live on a farm, and the daily task is giving water to the animals, and your sweet two-year old wants to help. Maybe it’s your family cuddled in bed reading a favorite book. Maybe it’s letting the kids be helpers Saturday morning preparing their favorite breakfast crepes! Whatever it is – whomever it is, let’s capture that moment and FREEZE it for you!

I can’t wait to brainstorm with you what YOUR perfectly imperfect memories are that you want to keep and treasure!

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