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I'm excited that you're interested in my mentorship! It's truly the best compliment you could give. The common thread I see in the people I mentor is the desire to RISE UP against challenge in their business - which is exactly why my mentoring sessions are called RISE! I am an open book and am proud to have helped 330+ photographers, over SIX years, across THREE continents, RISE UP to their own unique challenges. 

mentorship opportunities

RISE ONLINE: Skype/Telephone
RISE WITH ME: In-person (you come to me or I go to you)
RISE ON YOUR TIME: Multi-session in-person or online mentorship experience

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topics we can cover

Mastering manual camera settings

Finding your style and niche

Perfecting your editing style

Balancing work and personal life

Pricing for a profitable business

Developing a sought after brand

Gaining new clients

Getting published in magazines, blogs, and social media

Creating a sought-after Senior Rep program

Learning Photoshop tips & tricks

“Thank you once again Brittney for sharing your wisdom, talent and humor with me! You were the one who jump started my career with your 2014 online workshop Photo Foundations getting it right in camera. After getting in an editing rut, I felt like I have come full circle right back to the one who taught me from the beginning! I love your style, I feel so engaged with your subjects when looking at your work! Thank you so much for taking your time to teach others in the industry while entertaining them too, LOVE your humor!!!” 

Julisa Haines

rise mentoring client

“I am so grateful for all that Brittney shared during our mentoring session, but most importantly how she explained the information. The biggest challenges that I walked away facing are my pricing of course which I immediately revamped and haven't had any problems booking which I am so thankful for...and the other was being an industry leader. Brittney really made me dig deep and figure out what I wanted from my business - that sunk deep into my heart and resonated in my soul. I think about at least one thing from that mentoring session once a day. It really stuck with me. I feel like you really challenged me to be a better ME, not just rattle off what you do and expect me to just copy it. It was extremely refreshing and challenging in all the right ways.”

Shannon Cyrus Wright


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